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About Us

Our major focus is helping our clients Transform their businesses, operations, processes and systems - and guiding them through the necessary Transitions that must occur in people, organizations, performance measures, compensation, culture and elsewhere to make their Transformations successful and sustainable. We are a somewhat unique consultancy when addressing both sides of this issue - with the hard skills necessary for successful Transformations and the soft skills necessary for successful Transitions.

Our Value Proposition is both straightforward and attractive to clients:

We provide our clients with teams of mature, knowledgeable, highly experienced consultants who are expert in markets, products, operations, systems and processes - no kids and no newly minted MBAs learning the ropes - just mature, experienced, insightful professionals averaging more than twenty years of business and consulting experience in the industries we serve.

We collaborate with our clients to plan and execute successful Transformations of all types (e.g., mergers & acquisitions, migrations to new business models such as outsourcing and consolidations to shared services functions, launching new products and services or opening new markets, executing turnaround programs) - while simultaneously coordinating the Transitional activities that must occur for the Transformations to be successful.

We charge very reasonable fees for our work. When compared to firms like McKinsey or BCG, as examples, we are usually below 50% of their rate structures, and also well below consultancies like Accenture, Bearing Point and others. As a result, we can help our clients realize very attractive returns on their consulting investments - often 10:1 to 20:1 or more, when measuring recurring benefits over a 3-year period against the original consulting expense.

Our name, Questas, is derived from the Latin phrase - quaestus questus - which translates to in the pursuit of profit. It defines our primary mission - to help our clients maximize their financial results and other key drivers and measures of their success.