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Strategic Alliances

Questas works with key strategic partners and business associates to bring our clients complete solutions to their resource, process and technology needs. Our partners and business associates include:



Insigma US (Insigma Technology Co., Ltd) is a global IT and BPO service provider with a proven track record as a great partner for organizations looking to innovate and transform their business. We are especially known for creative thinking and innovation around complex IT and business issues, our business transformation capabilities, and our change management expertise. We help our clients move beyond their operational constraints, differentiate their products and services, and build business solutions that enable them to adapt to changing market dynamics. Our healthcare consulting expertise includes ICD-10 migration/compliance, HIPAA compliance, Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, reporting and analysis systems, automating claims processing, designing payment systems, conducting clinical trials and epidemiological research: enabling Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse monitoring and enforcement; designing healthcare delivery systems; and implementation of packaged healthcare software.

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