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Case #3946: Training and Development - Program Management and Strategy Development Healthcare

This Project Management Program was established to upgrade the project management skills of departmental staff. The staff in the department was functionally diverse with responsibilities for development of reports, providing subject matter expertise to internal divisional project teams, and managing projects.

This program was designed with three objectives:

1. Provide Fundamentals of Project Management classes to client staff members. The program consisted of 22 content classes and four laboratory classes. Additionally, professional documents were provided to support and reinforce the methodologies taught in the classroom.

2. Establish a Mentoring Program, which consisted of one-on-one sessions, marked by discussions of fundamentals of project management and strategies to use handling currently-assigned projects.

3. Develop a strategy for implementing a Program Management Office in the department.

Engagement Highlights

  • Industry:
  • Health Insurance/Managed Care
  • Client:
  • A major division with report design and generation functions, project management and meeting facilitation responsibilities
  • Assignment:
  • Provide Project Management Services & Methodologies Training
  • Provide Mentoring of Project Leaders
  • Provide Knowledge Transfer
  • Train the fundamentals of Program Library
  • Provide Project Management Templates
  • Develop a strategy for implementing a Program Management Office
  • Approach:
  • The intent of the program was to train to the standards according to the Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge. We also provided templates and professionally written papers to reinforce the industry standards.
  • Duration:
  • 13 Weeks


  • Successfully completed 21 Project Management classes
  • Successfully trained 11 leaders (Supervisor to Director) on Project Management Skills
  • Created Program Management Office implementation plan for department

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