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Health Care Case Study

Case #3903: Communication Strategy - Enterprise-Wide Employee Communication Initiative

A statewide Health Insurance and Managed Care Company had grown rapidly over the preceding three years. As a result staff increases and technology changes to support their expanding membership rolls came at an equally rapid rate. This combination of fast-paced growth, expansion, and change began to take its toll in terms of diminished employee satisfaction. Specifically, employees felt increasingly uninformed and 'out of touch.'

We were engaged to help develop an overarching employee communications strategy and a communication model to support the strategy. The communication model, which included tools, templates, Best Practices and procedures, was developed and implemented over the course of the engagement.

As a result employee satisfaction with face-to-face communications achieved positive rating of 80%. Their satisfaction with receiving information needed to do their jobs increased from 62% to 82%. Satisfaction with communication between themselves and their supervisors increased form 38% to 64%.

Engagement Highlights

  • Industry:
  • Health Insurance
  • Client:
  • A Statewide Not-for-Profit Health Insurance and Managed Care Company
  • Assignment:
  • Improve Employee Communications
  • Approach:
  • Form a Joint Consultant/Client Team
  • Develop a Coherent Employee Communications Strategy
  • Identify Best Practices to Support the Strategy
  • Develop a Communications Model including Tools, Templates, and Procedures
  • Regularly Measure Employee Satisfaction with Communications
  • Duration:
  • 30 Weeks


  • Achieved Over 80% Employee Satisfaction with Face-to-face Communications
  • Employee Satisfaction with Job-related Information Increased from 62% to 82%
  • Employee Ratings of Communication with Supervisors Increased from 38% to 64%
  • Ongoing Communication Training Curriculum Adopted
  • Internal Communications Programs/Forums Expanded Significantly

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